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bmt participates at the forum event of ITS Munich

03. December 2007 – ITS-Munich-Germany organises the forum event „Dynamic traffic information in Bavaria“ on Friday 7. December 2007 to discuss with competent speaker different point of views regarding the traffic telematics in Munich and innovative traffic and mobility approaches under political, administrative, scientific and industrial aspects.

Bayerische Medien Technik, as a member of IST Munich, will give a lecture on mobility information via Digital Broadcast. Bayerische Medien Technik has been actively engaged in the digital broadcasting sector (RDS-TMC, DAB, DVB) for years. Because of its technical services in the field of traffic telematics, bmt is familiar with various data services and transmission standards in this domain.

Further important service providers of traffic telematics are also members of IST Munich – for instance Siemens AG, the German Automobile Association (ADAC) and the technical university’s Institute of Traffic Technology.

The forum event „Dynamic traffic information in Bavaria“ will take place on Friday 07. December 2007, 14:00 – 17:00 p.m. at the „IHK für München und Oberbayern“ (Munich, Max-Joseph-Straße 2, Kammersaal).

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Medientage Munich 2007

13. November 2007 – The Medientage Munich took place from November 07 to 09 at the International Congress Centre Munich (ICM), themed ‘Media Yourself – How the Internet is Transforming Media and Society’. During these three days bmt presented on its booth actual projects of the digital broadcast business and organised an own congress panel:

– Tagging – a concept for intelligent memory solutions for mobile media
– Traffic Telematics with TPEG
– DynSI – possibilities of dynamic service information via DVB

You can find more information regarding the topics on our download-page.

International Media Fair

Tagging demonstration at the bmt booth:
Prime Minister of Bavaria Günther Beckstein (left), Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery Eberhard Sinner (right) with Frank Strässle-Wendelstein (bmt) and Rainer Biehn (bmt)

International Media Convention

Panel 12.3 “Digital Satellite Systems for Europe – Mobile Media of the next generation”

Based on concrete projects – Satellite Radio (Ondas Media, WorldSpace) and DVB-SH (Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Broadcast) – the possibility of a realisation of digital satellite systems for a mobile media usage in Europe was discussed during the bmt panel.

(f.l.) Benoit Chéreau (WorldSpace Europe), Dave Krueger (Ondas Media), Frank Strässle-Wendelstein (bmt), Dr. Michael Weber (BMW Group), Dr. Herbert Mittermayr (Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Broadcast)

The presentations of the panel are available in our download area.

The team of Bayerische Medien Technik:
(f.l.) Silke Goltermann, Nadine Vicentini, Frank Strässle-Wendelstein, Veit Olischläger, Christian Krapp, Andreas Klein, Dagmar Schöne, Martin Dreher, Matthias Küfner, Rainer Biehn, Alexander Schedel

For the first time bmt presents a Tagging live broadcast to demonstrate the intelligent storage of mobile media content

05. November 2007 – Tagging premiere at the trade show ‘Medientage Munich 2007’ at the bmt booth (Bayerische Medien Technik) | Within the MI FRIENDS project bmt develops the concept of an intelligent storage solution for mobile media via Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB)

Due to the short periods of use with mobile TV on portable receivers, it is very important to be able to quickly access the content that interests the user. This can be achieved by storing parts of the currently running program, also while watching it, so that these can be retrieved any time.

Therefore bmt developed the “Tagging” concept, which stands for marking single elements out of television and radio programs. This enables the user to save content by categories, which he can adjust according to his personal preferences. The data can be retrieved afterwards with the included meta information.

On this year’s ‘Medientage Munich’ bmt presents a live transmission of the Tagging service that was introduced as a concept in 2006. The broadcast signal from the bmt booth can be received with a DMB receiver, which enables the direct retrieve of recorded content and illustrates the “Tagging” functions. Audio and video streams get sorted by category and can be selected by a brief content description. Recording time and the program provider’s logo are displayed with every spot.

Tagging is suitable for radio and television programs. The plan is furthermore to use Tagging for other mobile multimedia systems such as DAB, DVB-T and DVB-H.

The whole press realease is available in our Download area.

MEDIENTAGE MUNICH 2007: bmt organises Satellite panel

11. October 2007 – Bayerische Medien Technik organises this year for the Medientage a congress panel with the topic “Digital Satellite Systems for Europe – Mobile Media of the next generation “.

The panel will take place on Thursday 08.11.2007 10:00 till 11:30 a.m.

Based on concrete projects – Satellite Radio (Ondas Media, WorldSpace) and DVB-SH (Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Broadcast) – we would like to demonstrate the possibility of a realisation of digital satellite systems for a mobile media usage in Europe. Besides the different technical aspects we will focus primary on the business models, the content and of course on the consumers.

– Dr. Herbert Mittermayr, Vice-President Marketing & Sales, Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Broadcast, Vienna
„Cost efficient deployment of unlimited mobile tv for the mass market“

– Dave Krueger, Chief Operating Officer, Ondas Media, Madrid
„Satellite Radio for Europeans on the move“

– Benoit Chéreau, Chief Executive Officer (Directeur Général), WorldSpace Europe, Paris
„Worldspace Europe – Tuning satellite digital radio to reality“

– Dr.-Ing. Michael Weber, Manager Development Antenna and Tuner, BMW Group, Munich
„Satellitenradio in Europa: copy and paste aus USA?“

The panel will be moderated by bmt’s managing director Frank Strässle-Wendelstein moderiert. Information regarding the congress fee and the registration are available on

MEDIENTAGE MUNICH 2007: ‘Media Yourself – How the Internet is Transforming Media and Society’

11. October 2007 – The Medientage Munich will be this year from November 07 to 09 at the International Congress Centre Munich (ICM), themed ‘Media Yourself – How the Internet is Transforming Media and Society’.

Every autumn, the decision makers of the sector gather at MEDIENTAGE MUNICH, one of Europe’s leading conventions for media experts, in order to discuss the latest trends and tendencies in the world of media. During the 3-day-conference, around 500 speakers and 7,000 attendees from Germany and abroad meet in order to debate in about 90 panels on the future of the media markets.
Simultaneously, numerous companies operating in all domains of the media industry present their products and projects at the International Media Fair of MEDIENTAGE MUNICH.

During these three days bmt present on its booth (ICM Foyer | Stand Y) itself and actual projects of the digital broadcast business.

The access to the Media Fair is for free. More information on

bmt organises information-events of the Bavarian broadband initiative

03rd August 2007 – BIHK together with ‚Bayerischen Gemeindetag‘, ‚Bayerischen Landkreistag‘, ‚Bayerischen Städtetag‘ and ‚Bayerischen Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Infrastruktur, Verkehr und Technologie‘ get involved in the broadband initiative of Bavaria. The initiative focuses on the usage of different broadband technologies and on the competition of the providers. The aim is the creating of transparency of the existing broadband alternatives.

Besides a broadband portal and other activities the initiative will arrange information events and regional fairs in order to show the different possibilities.

bmt was commissioned by the broadband initiative to organise these events. With four presentations and a accompanying fair with different broadband providers the different solutions should be presented. More information on

MI FRIENDS with a larger program offer | Start of the accompanying research

11. June 2007 – The program offer of the European DMB-project MI FRIENDS in Regensburg has been enlarged. Since the beginning of June three video channels with a new program structure and a visual radio-channel were broadcasted. Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) is a technology based on the digital radio standard DAB and enables the broadcast of radio, television or hybrid forms on mobile devices, especially mobile phones. The programs can be received in Greater Regensburg on band III, channel 12A.

The accompanying research starts in the middle of June with about 100 participants. Regensburg’s medium size of 130.000 citizens in the city itself plus 170.000 on the outskirts, as well as its demographic and socio-economic constitution correspond with a typical European regional city. Therefore the results of the research can statistically be equally applied to other European cities and regions as well.

bmt is project partner at MI FRIENDS and as the technical co-ordinator responsible for the technical management.

DVB-T Upgrade in Bavaria goes on

23th March 2007 – Bayerischer Rundfunk and ZDF plan to switch over to DVB-T the broadcast stations Grünten, Hohenpeißenberg, Pfaffenhofen and Augsburg.

That means that the corresponding areas will be able to receive a bigger program offer than before via analogue antenna. For autumn there is also planned a new DVB-T station in Landshut. The conclusion of the re-setting to DVB-T for the other Bavarian Regions is scheduled for 2008.

For more information regarding this topic look at

The European project INCCOM shortly before ending

20th February 2007 – The European project INCCOM (Integrated Cross-media Customer Oriented Models) stands shortly before its ending.

The project aimed at gathering the experience from selected organisations and research projects in the area of cross-media technology in order to propose new, customer-oriented business models. The FIFA World Cup and the related, growing interest in this large event can be seen as an excellent opportunity to exploit the technological possibilities within digital cross-media content segment. The project was scheduled to cover a period of 28 months.

The consortium examined the latest technical achievements as well as existing business models, highlighted the opportunities within a football framework and discussing user relevance and potential. Thus, the focus has been on the promotion of the take-up of cross-media content and services based on national and international delivery models of football-related content. The so called INCCOM-Tools, developed by the participants, enables the examination of business models after specific criteria.

bmt was one of nine European partners, beneath Finpro, TeliaSonera, Telefonica, Deutsche Welle and Siemens.

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