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Medientage München 2013

Mobile Life: Challenge for Media, Advertising and Society

Under the heading “Mobile Life: Challenge for Media, Advertising and Society”, experts from the media sector will discuss for three days in around 90 discussion panels and sessions about current topics in the communication industry.

bmt is presenting TPEG and HbbTV solutions.

Bavarian local TV channel TV Allgäu is the first German local station to offer its new on-demand service using the HbbTV standard.

On Ulm-Allgäu, the satellite channel of the broadcaster, the so-called Mediathek is available 24 hours for people with a HbbTV capable satellite receiver. The channel is broadcast on the Astra position of 19.2 degrees East.

On behalf of the state’s media regulator, the Bayerischen Landeszentrale für neue Medien (BLM), its subsidiary Bayerische Medien Technik (BMT) is setting up HbbTV applications for local television stations and helping them to lanch these new technologies.

“Bavaria is playing a pioneering role, and is now making available the HbbTV expertise of its subsidiary BMT to other state media authorities and local channels,” said BLM president Siegfried Schneider.

“The content of our library includes all current programmes and individual items of our programme,” explained Markus Niessner, managing director of the TV Allgäu news.

“We are committed to the HbbTV standard and are confident this is the best way to make relevant local content available to the viewers in an easy way, at any time,” explained Frank Strässle, managing director of BMT.

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HbbTV Lokal-TV-Portal on air via satellite

Our Lokal-TV-Portal is a multi-layer interactive application. The user can easily find his local TV program in the extensive world of satellite broadcasting.