A White Label Solution for the creation of a HbbTV – MediaCenter

mediathekenAre you interested in your own HbbTV – MediaCenter? Would you like to make available all of your content without the constraints of time and space? So that all your media is available to the widest possible audience?

In that case the MediaCenter Solution of the bmt is the perfect solution for your needs. Create on your or let bmt create your Media Library in the theme of your Corporate Colors!

The Media Library’s content is obtained from RSS Feeds or through XML files via FTP. In this way a web based Media Library can be very easily extended to support HbbTV functionality. Moreover changes in your Internet Content Management System are either not necessary or are relatively minor.

The Diagram below shows a few examples of configurations available. Almost all local TV stations in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are using the HbbTV Media Center Solution of the bmt and run it continuously “On Air”.