The bmt has been an active participant in engineering the switchover to digital radio since the introduction of DAB pilot project in Bavaria in 1995. Alongside our collaboration on national and European projects, the bmt develops data services and applications for hybrid networks. The bmt’s work encompasses custom applications, technical support commissions and consulting services, as well as studies related to digital broadcasting. Serving as a project office, the bmt coordinated the roll-out of digital antenna television broadcasting (DVB-T) in Bavaria and was part of the national “klardigital 2012” campaign that accompanied the discontinuation of analog satellite broadcasting. The bmt also created the conceptual design for Bavaria’s DVB-S project and oversaw its implementation with participating partners.


project office DVB-T2 HD

ARD, Media Authorities, Media Group RTL Germany, ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, VPRT and ZDF launched a joint initiative to introduce DVB-T2 HD for terrestrial television. For the communicative support of the transfer to DVB-T2 HD the bmt was commissioned as a project office from 2015 to 2017. The standards DVB-T2 and HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) are now used for the terrestrial television in Germany. With this advanced combination the German TV broadcasters transmit television in the remaining frequency spectrum for broadcasting in Full HD via antenna.


Playout for local Bavarian TV stations

Since 2018, Bavaria’s 16 local television providers have had access to 11 HD satellite channels. The bmt is responsible for the signal contribution, the playout including multiplexing and the distribution. Furthermore, the bmt switches the “local window” into the national service of RTL in the cable network of Vodafone (SD and HD) and transfers the 16 local TV channels incl. service information (SI) to Entertain and other networks. In addition, the bmt operates the local TV portal and offers HbbTV media libraries.


bmt supports the klardigital project office

Analog satellite transmissions ceased on April 30, 2012. klardigital 2012 – an initiative of the German state media authorities in cooperation with ARD, the RTL Deutschland Media Group, ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, VPRT and ZDF – informed affected satellite households and provided consulting to specialized retailers, craftsman, the housing industry and cable network providers. The bmt provided the deputy project director for the klardigital project office, located in Berlin by DIE MEDIENANSTALTEN.


DVB-T Project Office Bayern

Since 1998, the bmt has been working intensively on the topic of DVB-T, first as the branch office for the DVB-T field surveys in Bavaria and later as the project office for DVB-T Bayern. The field trials focused on the coordination, classification and selection of transmitters and receivers, the handling of grants, evaluation of measurement and test results and documentation. The bmt’s internal economic feasibility study on DVB-T broadcasting networks demonstrated its know-how for questions related to technology and business and set benchmarks for its subsequent implementation. Working as the DVB-T Bayern project office, bmt coordinated the roll-out in Bavaria and was responsible for joint communication between all partners. The focus of its activity was on education and information of the general public on the topic in the following areas: PR and publicity, info events, training sessions, call center support, Internet, trade fairs, etc.


Digital Radio Know-How from its Inception

Since its founding, the bmt has had a constant, intense focus on the area of digital radio. That know-how even extends further back into the development and standardization phase of digital radio. The bmt has also authored studies on DAB+. Within its daily work, the bmt works closely with the BDR, which as the digital radio broadcast network provider for Bavaria is intensively interested in the development of digital radio in Bavaria and across Germany. Since 2003, when it was first commissioned by BR, BMT has handled technical support for “BR Verkehr,” a program exclusively for digital radio established new in 2003 by BR.


Consulting and Workshops on Digital Radio

Last but not least, the bmt is an in-demand consultant for expertise in the explorations of the feasibility and implementation of digital radio. Where needed, the bmt can be commissioned for services ranging from simple consultations to on-site intensive workshops and practical training in the use of broadcasting and receiving equipment.


Product: Text-2-Radio

The bmt developed this technique for converting text notifications into spoken form for dissemination over broadcast channels. The product can be used for traffic notifications, standard or urgent news or other information channels.


Project: Study on the system standard / DAB+ Project Regensburg

“The DAB+ Standard System – Fundamentals and Opportunities for Implementation,” a theoretical study on the behavior of DAB+, with a special focus on error control and audio quality, was composed in 2008. Those considerations were then used to propose potential multiplex configurations that provide orientation on the number of programs available in an ensemble. Download study A test project for DAB+ was conducted in Regensburg to test future operating concepts for practical implementation. An experimental network was operated over several months, featuring potential constellations for the delivery of program signals to the central DAB multiplexer and the broadcast of supplemental data.


Opportunities and benefits for hybrid radio usage

A system concept for the hybrid dissemination of radio programs via broadcasting systems and internet streams was composed, with the receiving device automatically switching to the best available reception path. A metadata structure was drafted and a practical proof-of-concept was delivered using a prototype receiver. The initial presentation was conducted as part of the Medientage München 2010. The concept can be viewed here.


Project DAB Toolbox

In 1998-9 the bmt coordinated the implementation of the DAB-Toolbox project, sponsored by the Media Authority of Baden-Württemberg (LfK) and the Bavarian Authority for New Media (BLM). The project was intended to make it easier for program broadcasters to work with the expanded opportunities inherent to digital radio. The tools from the project make it easier to generate and feed media services to the corresponding inserters.


DAB Pilot Project

Between 1995 and 1998, the bmt served as consultant for the implementation of the DAB pilot project in Bavaria. Since the founding of the BDR in 1998 as the digital radio network operator for Bavaria, the bmt has been working intensively with the BDR and various content creators on the development of supplemental features for digital radio.


Mobile Broadcasting

In recent years the bmt has built a comprehensive pool of expertise in the area of mobile broadcasting, and participated in the European mobile media project MI FRIENDS. “MI FRIENDS” involves mobile interactive TV, radio, info, entertainment and new digital services and was initiated by the Bavarian Authority for New Media (BLM). The bmt served as the technical coordinator with responsibility for technical project management, and also supported the project in the area of communication/dissemination. It also developed the intelligent “tagging” storage solution as well as interactive applications (such as MPEG4-BIFS, Java).