SAFARI – Smartphone Traffic Lights Assistant Based on Floating Car Data

The main problem of traffic lights assistance is the effort needed to upgrade the infrastructure. Especially traffic lights with their long product life time are unlikely upgraded within decades. And even in the case of maintenance it is questionably if public authorities or industry (car manufacturers) will or want to pay for additional functionality. The project tries to generate the needed traffic light data from floating car data. The focus is on rural roads due to their suitability: The large distance between traffic lights enables users to use information, the speed range for adaptions is larger, the traffic density and complexity is normally sparse (compared to urban traffic) and vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists) are rare. In a field test the generated data will be tested and evaluated on some connected rural roads via a public smartphone application. In evaluations data are also transmitted via Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). The hybrid transmission via TPEG (mobile networks/ DAB) should improve data availability.

Project partners: bmt — Bayerische Medien Technik GmbH (data transmission)

TRANSVER GmbH (project management & traffic algorithms)

Institute of Ergonomics, Technical University of Munich (driver information)

The project is funded by the Bavarian Research Foundation Credits/Translation: Institute of Ergonomics