bmt@ITS European Congress

22.-24. Mai 2023, Lissabon

The best way to learn more about bmt’s state-of-the-art TPEG ecosystem is testing it on site. Visit the ITS European Congress Lisbon, 22-24 May 2023, and get in touch with our latest TPEG innovations and meet our experts!

Stop-over by our stand A17 (part of the TISA stand) and learn more about:The new cloud-based software TPEG VIEWER allows the quick monitoring of TPEG messages

TPEG ON AIR system enables simple creation of TPEG services

TPEG STANDBY the new redundancy option

TPEG Analyser provides in-depth debugging, versioning and analysing

TPEG Editor for the creation and modification of TPEG files

TPEG DecoderLibrary enables to easily process TPEG streams or data

TPEG Consulting and TPEG Workshops

Please contact us for arranging an appointment or in case of any questions.

We look forward to your visit!