TV Playout Center

Since 2018 bmt operates the TV playout centre for 14 Bavarian local TV stations. In its data centre the programme signals are feeded, transcoded, multiplexed and distributed to the transmission channels for satellite (Astra), cable (M-net, Pÿur, Vodafone) and IPTV (1&1, HD+ ToGo, Magenta TV, and Zattoo). Other services provided by bmt include the switching of local windows in the RTL programmes on Vodafone in SD and HD, programme and HbbTV signalling, recordings, monitoring and failure management.

TV playout features: 

  • Signal processing according to the distribution channels
  • Transcoding SD, HD
  • Logo insertion
  • Distribution of the signals to the distribution channels
  • Implementation of partitioning for split channels
  • Splitting of the signal for satellite and cable distribution
  • Recording
  • Provision of common live signals for all providers (e.g. for major events)
  • Playback of recordings in the case of network or provider interferences
  • Additional data multiplexing/encoding EPG/HbbTV
  • Monitoring and failure management
TV Playout Center Overview


bmt provides services for commercial broadcasting in Bavaria and signs transfer agreements for line and transmission capacities with various network operators on behalf of the Bavarian Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting (BLM) for its customers.

The customers of bmt are local, regional and national service providers who broadcast their radio and television programmes in Bavaria and beyond. For our customers, we have leased terrestrial broadcasting infrastructures, transmission lines and feeds into cable networks from Media Broadcast, Vodafone, Astra and Bayern Digital Radio. The switching of the Bavarian local television windows in RTL is operated by bmt on behalf of the BLM as well.

An overview of commercial radio and television programmes in Bavaria can be found on the website of BLM.


In 2018 bmt acquired the FM broadcasting infrastructure for commercial radio in Bavaria. With 180 FM antennas and FM transmitters, we are the largest FM transmitter network operator in Bavaria. bmt is the central contact for the 64 commercial Bavarian radio stations for the planning, operation and contract and frequency management for around 250 frequencies.

Digital Radio

Since the start of the DAB pilot project in Bavaria in 1995, bmt is actively paving the way for Digital Radio. bmt cooperates in national and European projects. In addition bmt develops ancillary data services (DAB Toolbox) and applications for hybrid radio services (DAB and mobile IP radio). Furthermore bmt offers technical support, consulting and studies in the field of digital radio.


Local TV Portal

The Local TV Portal was developed by bmt for an easy discovery and a permanent availability of local TV content even without satellite distribution. It consists of a still picture channel and an HbbTV application and improves the discovery of local television offerings. The application is reachable on Smart TV receivers (with HbbTV) via satellite or DVB-T2 HD (internet connected) . Local TV programmes are selected via a state and programme list (names and logos). Depending on the availability, selecting a programme leads to its live satellite signal, IP stream or to a HbbTV application of the broadcaster, e.g. a catch-up TV application. The Local TV Portal is an application developed on behalf of the Bavarian Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting (BLM) for all state media authorities.

More about the Lokal TV Portal

HbbTV catch-up TV application

Are you interested in your own HbbTV catch-up TV application? Do you want to make videos and entire programmes accessible to a wide audience without restrictions on time? Then, bmt’s white label cath-up TV solution is just the right thing for you. Get your own application in a short time created by us according to your needs and your corporate design.

More about the HbbTV catch-up TV application

Accessibility Application

The project “Television for ALL – fully inclusive with HbbTV”, was jointly developed and implemented by the Association for Disability and Media (abm), Bayerische Medien Technik GmbH (bmt) and the Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT). Since 2019, the accessibility app has already won three international awards.

More about the Accessibility Application

Measurement Vehicle

Due to many of new terrestrial frequency uses, propagation and possible interference in analogue and digital broadcasting are playing an increasingly important role. bmt is taking this development into account by expanding its business field “Broadcast” with a measurement vehicle.

With the flexibly deployable measurement vehicle, bmt has an mobile platform and the expert know-how to realise complex measurement projects promptly and according to customers needs.

As part of various services, bmt offers its measurement services to broadcasters, transmitter network operators, state media authorities or others.

The main focus is on the FM and DAB+ technology. In addition to measurements according to established standards and guidelines, special measurements and evaluations can be realised as well.

The measurements can be mobile or stationary. For stationary use, a antenna mast that can be extended to 10 metres and rotated 360 degrees.

The special roof platform allows to quickly mount any antenna systems for efficiently measurements.

All measurements are georeferenced and depending on the service, they are carried out automatically.

On request, non-broadcast frequency ranges, such as mobile radio (LTE, 5G…) and for authorities and organisations with security tasks (TETRA), can also be assessed up to 3 GHz.

The measuring vehicle based on a Mercedes Benz Vito is customised to bmt’s specifications and consists of the following components:

  • DVB-T test receiver and spectrum analyser ETL (Rohde&Schwarz)
  • DAB/DAB+ test receiver FieldMonitor (RadioScape)
  • FM test receiver TS 9085 (MicroGen Electronics)
  • Directional broadcast antenna FT-01 for bands II to IV (Schwarzbeck)
  • 4×4 HF matrix (Telemeter)
  • Navigation system with GPS receiver and electric compass (Nexus)
  • PC workstation with control monitor

The measurement vehicle was designed for operation with one or more measurement engineers/technicians. It also offers flexible expansion options so that receiver devices (e.g. car radios) can be tested in addition to various antennas.

Traffic Telematics


For years, bmt has been active in the specification and implementation of DAB and TPEG (Transport Protocol Expert Group) services. This includes both consulting services and products like TPEG ON AIR, TPEG Analyser, TPEG Editor and TPEG Library.

Given the constellation of its ownership, the bmt represents an ideal partner for public and private broadcasters, as well as device makers and service providers. The standard catalogue of services is built around the latest technology, with an additional portfolio of interfaces, data conversation and data service provisioning through its specialized departments.

Visit our website WecanTPEG

Consulting & Studies


The bmt advises its customers on technical innovations and optimisation opportunities in cooperation with the Bavarian Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting (BLM). For the technical implementation, bmt coordinates the processes between service providers, network providers and BLM. The technical facilities of the commercial broadcasters in Bavaria are supported by the BLM in order to reduce their economic burden. In particular, optimisation activities and the further expansion of digitalisation are funded. bmt provides support for these activities.

To improve coverage, the distribution areas of the Bavarian programme providers are continuously optimised. In the terrestrial sector, the bmt plans and implements relocations, power increases, frequency changes and changes to the antenna diagram in cooperation with service providers, BLM and other network operators. For cable programme providers, we develop new networks and optimise existing networks. For our customers, we act as trendscout for technical innovations as alternatives to previous broadcasting facilities and services.



2018: plans and innovations in broadcast technology for Bavaria with BLM, BR, BDR, Astra and SAT.1 Bayern

2019: information event on innovations in the reception of TV with SWR, Glasfaser-ABC and Astra